Africa is an amazing continent and also world’s second largest and second most populated continent. It covers 1/5th of the total land surface of Earth. It has a land area of 11, 670, 0000 m2 and the population is about 1,119,307,147 according to 2016 senses. It is a continent with a rich history, diverse culture, beautiful landmarks and incredible wildlife.

Africa Quick Facts

Land Area 11, 670, 0000 m²
Population 1,119,307,147 as per 2016
Number of countries 54
Largest Country Lagos, Nigeria
Smallest Country Seychelles
Unique Geographical features the Sahara Desert

Ngorongoro Crater

Nile River

Africa is a continent with 55 countries, 9 territories. This is surrounded on the north by the Mediterranean Sea, east by the Red Sea, south by Indian Ocean and west by the Atlantic Ocean. Africa is one of world’s poorest continent and number one in world’s youngest population. About 70% of Africa’s population relies on agriculture for income.


Africa is a continent with incredible landmarks, tropical savannah grassland, desert, and jungle. More than half of African land is covered by Savannah. Northern Africa is dominated by desert land and fertile land. Central Africa is enclosed with rain forests, coastal plains, lakes. and mountains. Southernmost part lies on a high plateau and only has got a small coastal band.

Africa Map

Africa Map

Algeria is the largest country and covers more than half of the continent and Gambia is the smallest country. More than half of the continent is desert; the Sahara Desert is world’s largest and hottest desert in the world and is located in Northern Africa. Nile River flows through 11 countries with a length of 4160m. The Nile is world’s longest river. It has two sources; the White Nile originates from Lake Victoria and the Blue Nile originates from Lake Tana.

Lake Victoria is the second largest freshwater lake located on the border of Uganda, Tanzania, and Kenya. When it comes to mountain Mt Kilimanjaro in Tanzania is the highest mountain. It is one of the popular destinations for mountain climbers. The lowest point is Lake Asal in Djibouti at 153 m below the sea level.


African climate ranges from tropical to subarctic weather. Africa is the hottest continent on Earth and more than half of the land is desert and dry land. It is a continent with a wide variety of landscapes and temperature. In the northern desert region, the climate is hot. The central region has tropical weather and subarctic climate in mountain region.


Africa is known as the ‘birthplace of civilization’. All humanity from Australopithecus to Homo sapiens came from Africa. That means first human beings on earth were Africans. To emphasize this point scientists discovered shells and other things from prehistoric caves which prove human presence. Also, fossils found from there which was 3.5 million years old. So, the continent is considered as the birthplace of mankind.  Also, there existed numerous powerful realms. Europeans started to colonize Africa after the 19th century. Thereafter Britain, France, Italy, Germany and many other countries came here.


Africa is known for its enormous animal species. There are many national parks and wildlife sanctuaries here. African Elephant; largest land mammal, Giraffe; tallest mammal, cheetah; fastest mammal are some most popular animals in Africa. You can enjoy watching animals roaming in their habitat. Other than those animals, Zebra, Hyena, Vervet Monkey, Lion, and Rhinoceros are some of them.

Africa is home to most endangered species like white and Black Rhinoceros. Rainforest area is home to various insect species, birds and animal species. It is home to antelope, chimpanzee, gorilla, Mandrill, okapi, ostrich, vulture and many more. Kruger National Park is one of the biggest and popular national parks in the world. Also, Lake Malawi has a lot of fish species than any other lakes in the world.


Africa is popular for its diversity with more than 3000 different group of people in Africa. Also, there are more than 1000 languages spoken on the African continent. Following colonialism, some African countries accepted official languages from other countries.   More than 50% of Africans speaks their native languages such as Hausa, Yoruba, Swahili etc. and some other speak the European language. But English is the most popular languages in Africa. In Northside Africa, Arabic is the official and widely spoken language.


Africans are known for their religious belief. When it comes to religion most Africans believes in Christianity and Islamism. Hinduism and Judaism, Buddhism is also popular in some region. There are some people in Africa who are nonreligious as well.


Africa is a culturally rich country. It is famous for its art and architecture. Great Pyramid of Giza is an example of their architecture. It was world’s tallest structure for 4000 years. Stone ruins of Great Zimbabwe, Lincoln Cathedral, and Church of Saint George etc are enough to prove their excellence in architecture.


As a multicultural continent African cuisine is a combination of many other regions. On the Northern side of Africa, they follow Mediterranean Cuisine. Main food items are spices, nutmeg, saffron, wheat, semolina and many more. In Southern and Eastern region meat and dairy products are popular. Also, they use beans, grains, and vegetable. The western region of Africa uses starchy food, spices, sauces, and nuts.


Africa is a popular tourist destination. It’s known as nature lover’s paradise. Here are some popular tourist attractions in Africa

  • Cape Town – A Beautiful city with stony mountain range and glittering sea in South Africa.
  • Masai Mara National Park – it is one of Africa’s largest wildlife reserve in Kenya.
  • Kruer National Park – One of the largest game reserves in South Africa
  • Victoria Falls – It is one of the most magnificent and world’s largest waterfall in Zimbabwe.
  • Namibia –  You can enjoy magnificent sand dunes in Namib deserts and experience wildlife from Etosha national park
  • Mauritius –it is one of the best travel destination in Africa and heavenly too.
  • Mt Kilimanjaro – Mountain lover’s paradise which is situated in Tanzania
  • Morocco – City with an impressive mountain range, old cities, and beautiful deserts


Main natural resources’ in Africa are oil, copper, gold, diamonds, platinum etc. About 70% of African population mainly depends on agriculture for their living. Coffee, corn, wheat, and fruits are their agricultural products. Africa as a whole is a poor continent because of their corrupted government and back to back wars. Fishing is also popular in Africa. There are many water bodies on the west coast where fishing is the most popular living option.

There are many industries such as mining, textiles, cement plants and petroleum refining. Even though everything is there to be the richest country, Africa remains poorest of all other continents because of crooked government. Also, they are not using foreign aid money properly. Botswana and South Africa are most economically developed regions. Nigeria is the largest oil-producing region of Africa.

Africa is a wonderful continent with many astounding diversity. With many incredible places, natural beauties, amazing climate, and biodiversity it is standing out among other continents.

Interesting Facts about Africa

  • World’s tallest animal Giraffe and largest animals African Elephant are from Africa.
  • Egypt is Africa’s most favorite tourist spot
  • A great number of people in Africa speak French, surprisingly more than the people living in France
  • Sahara is world’s largest and hottest desert in the world
  • Africa is home to world’s largest reptile Nile Crocodile